Useful tips dressing styles for chubby guys.

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A variety of easy dressing tips for chubby men. Help change your look to make you look slimmer and enhance your coolness at the same time.

  In many cases, dressing to improve your look is a troubling problem for chubby guys. Because no matter which one you pick, It doesn’t seem right at all. To the point that sometimes it makes you feel insecure and don’t want to go out of the house at all. But let me tell you that chubby or fat people can dress to look cool as well. Report by

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Waist camouflage jacket.

For chubby guys who like to dress in a dark, rock style. A dark leather jacket will help camouflage your figure well. Plus add decorations to make you look very cool and attractive. The technique is that the jacket must be approximately half hip length or longer than the waist down.

Release the hem of the shirt.

Aside from working in an organization, fat people should not wear shirts tucked into their pants because it will show off a lot of their belly and when people look at them, they will feel uncomfortable. The best way is to let the shirt hem loosely. The hem should come slightly past the middle of the pants zipper, which is considered good. Releasing the hem also helps make the torso look longer.

Choose lightweight clothing.

The charm of thin clothes will add to your personality and make you look comfortable. You won’t feel uncomfortable when you look at them, such as cotton and linen. In addition to being comfortable to wear, they are suitable for the hot summer months. It alsoallows for easy movement and reduces sweat which is the cause of body odor.

Straight-Striped Shirts.

Shirts with straight, vertical stripes will help hide the eyes very well, making you look much slimmer. Or it could be a Hawaiian shirt with lots of patterns that helps camouflage the eyes very well.

V-neck T-shirt.

Fat guys who like to wear T-shirts that are not formal and focus on comfort and chill. We recommend choosing a V-neck T-shirt because it will make you look like you have a longer neck. Comfortable to wear and doesn’t look tight or uncomfortable.

Skinny pants.

Skinny, straight-leg pants that aren’t too tight on your legs will help you look slimmer. Longer legs help camouflage the figure very well. Fat guys should not wear baggy pants or shorts.

Look slim with dark clothes.

The color of your clothes has a huge effect on helping to disguise your slim figure. Fat guys should have black, dark brown, and blue clothes in their wardrobe. Whether it’s a shirt, blazer, suit, t-shirt or even a sweater.