Herbs to cure colds, sore throats Relieve nasal congestion.

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Nasal congestion is a symptom that can happen especially to people who have a cold. A runny nose can make you unable to breathe. Airway caused by a blocked nasal area This is because the nasal cavity is swollen and there is mucus or mucus blocking the respiratory tract, causing difficulty breathing. which is caused by an allergic reaction Symptoms like this can be annoying for those who have it. Some people may find medicine to take. An ointment to relieve colds, stuffy noses, and various allergies because it will make daily life difficult for those who are already suffering from it. It also makes you unable to sleep well. There are other problems, such as impacts on the ears, causing ear infections and infections. There are many ways to avoid using drugs and using natural methods.

     For that runny nose It is the main cause of nasal congestion and suffocation. It is therefore important to get rid of mucus in order to facilitate the respiratory tract. The mucus produced from the nasal cavity is both liquid and thick. which are symptoms of allergies of varying degrees And having a runny nose can affect the body as well. Coughing with phlegm It can cause symptoms of fever and eye discomfort again. Therefore, it should be treated and relieved. Report by UFABET

Herbs to cure colds Relieve nasal congestion What can you eat to cure a cold.

Peppermint – relieves nasal congestion .

Peppermint has long been used to relieve nasal congestion and relieve shortness of breath caused by colds. We will explore the content of menthol, which acts as a natural decongestant. and how it can help relieve discomfort from a cold Students will learn about peppermint tea, steam inhalation, and other methods. To use this refreshing herbal remedy for colds And this is the origin of the most popular inhalant scent. Peppermint scented inhaler.

Onions – cures colds and stuffy nose.

Onions help the circulatory system work well and help expel phlegm. Contains quercetin, which is a bronchodilator. Therefore, it can treat cold and stuffy nose symptoms. This can be done by washing the onions thoroughly. Wrap it loosely in a cheesecloth and give it to someone who has a stuffy nose. Keep smelling it from a distance or eating it as an ingredient in food. It will help your symptoms get better. 

Lemon – relieves sore throat.

Anyone who has a throat cold There is a burning sensation in the throat every time I swallow saliva. Try this natural throat cold remedy using lemon. Lemons are rich in vitamin C. That can help reduce sore throat symptoms. Anyone who likes sour taste can eat it alone or mix lemon with honey in warm water. Sip it during the day. This can help as well. 

Garlic – herb for treating colds.

In addition to using garlic in cooking It is also used as an herb to cure colds very well. Garlic is a popular herb used to help relieve symptoms of a stuffy nose. By eating fresh garlic With meals But don’t eat fresh garlic on an empty stomach. Because it can irritate the stomach. Or who can’t stand the pungent smell? Try taking a small clove of garlic, cutting it into thin pieces and crushing it. Mix it with 1 cup of hot water and add honey and lemon. Drink it for 2-3 days to help relieve symptoms.