“Chapped lips caused by causes”

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Chapped lips

Chapped lips are an essential ingredient on the face that enhances our personalities to look even more attractive. Therefore, when the lips have problems, it is a matter that bothers many people. Common lip problems seem to be inevitable. “Dry, cracked, flaky lips“, especially during winter. Dry and cool air Makes the body lack moisture Lips therefore tend to become flaky easily. The author would like to raise problems. And how to care for your lips to leave each other

Why do Chapped lips?

Dry, cracked lips can be caused by many different reasons,

•  Weather changes such as extreme cold can cause lips to lose moisture. Flaky peeling occurs

•  Allergy to cosmetics or oral cleaning products such as lipstick, toothpaste, mouthwash.

•  Allergy to certain foods and fruits. Food or fruit allergy when touching the lips May cause local allergic urticaria. And when the lips are chronic, dry and flaky as well. The fruit may be allergic to rubber or allergic to essential oils such as peppermint oil. Oil from the skin of orange, mango, pineapple, peanut, etc.

•  Allergy to sunlight, often found on the lower lip. Which is caused by being exposed to the sun for a long time

•  Abnormal occlusion May cause eczema, inflammation on both sides of the mouth.

•  Licking the mouth, as the saliva contains enzymes that cause the lips to lose moisture. It can cause dry lips and peeling.

•  Some skin diseases, such as the disease, dermatitis, eczema. It can cause skin rashes on the lips as well. They often have skin rashes on other parts of the body.

Does lipstick really cause problems for the lips?

Indeed, lipstick allergy Often caused by allergies to fragrances, colors, preservatives, lanolin, vitamin A acids. Symptoms of a flaky, itchy spot can be found on both the upper and lower lips. But in the event of a severe allergic reaction, it may be characterized by swollen lips. Or suffocating

When you have an allergic reaction, you must stop using the lipstick immediately. Then change the product If you know that you are allergic to any substance in lipstick Before buying a lipstick, be sure to read the ingredient label on the box. To prevent the purchase of lipstick which contains repeated allergens. However, with lipstick allergy, rashes are found only on the lips that are applied. If the rash spreads outside the lips It is often for other causes than lipstick allergy.

Choosing a lipstick, choose a lipstick with a smooth texture. Moisturizing And the right amount of oiliness The meat does not crack. Or solid Maintains conditions both while stored and while in use. Good resistance to various conditions, melts immediately upon contact with the lips. No harm to the skin, lasting color. But can be easily washed off when needed And there is no rancid smell, etc.

How to fix it?

The treatment for dry, flaky mouth is drinking clean water with at least 8 glasses of water a day. Avoid licking your mouth. Always use products to moisturize the lips. The most important thing is Find a way to avoid losing things. Due to chemicals in daily life, sunlight, ufabet and pollution can cause problems around the lips. The avoidance of these substances It is the best treatment and prevention of lip problems that will arise with the lips. If unsure whether there is an allergy or not Tests may be performed by consulting a medical professional. When the cause is known, it should be prevented. And strictly follow the doctor’s advice.