Eriksen orally He has accepted a 3year contract

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Danish national team midfielder Christian Eriksen orally He has accepted a three-year contract from Manchester United.

Sky Sports reports that Eriksen has accepted Manchester United’s offer, although it was only an verbal agreement. But after this, negotiations will be expedited to complete the details. And carry out a physical examination before further signing the contract. The report states that Manchester United have offer Eriksen a three-year contract ufabet until the end of the 2024-25 season. Which has been smooth talks. And after this, representatives of the Danish national team will negotiate every detail of the deal. when finished will undergo a physical examination immediately.

For Eriksen’s contract with Brentford on June 30 at the past. After signing a short-term contract at the beginning of the year The 30-year-old had previously terminated his contract with Inter as a result of cardiac arrest at Euro 2020.

Eriksen was previously speculate to have two options left: Manchester United or a contract extension with Brentford. Despite his desire to return to the Champions League. Again, but ready to start in the Europa League with the Red Devils next season.

Manchester United have already reported the players at the Carrington training ground. Prepare to leave for a tour of Asia on Friday, July 8, starting the first warm-up game against Liverpool in Thailand on July 12, so I hope to have Eriksen join the team.